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All photos are copyrighted property of Starshine Faces and may not be used without written permission from Starshine Faces.  All models have provided written consent for their photo to be used by Starshine Faces ONLY.  If you have any questions, please contact us.

Photos that were accepted into various contests are marked with the contest description. Many facepaint contests require you to go through a preview process before they will accept your work into their contest and I was very excited to be allowed to enter with these photos. Only the photos that received awards are marked as such.

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Various birthday party and fast festival designs by Starshine Faces artists. 


Rainbow Butterfly and Necklace

Yo Ho Ho... Pirate


Artist Choice design

Artist Choice and Crazy Hair

Artist Choice and Crazy Hair


Artist Choice and Crazy Hair

Kristin starting a Crazy Hair design

Painting Artist Choice


Rainbow Mask

Flower Kitty

Neon Green Snake

Simple Kitty

Neon Butterfly

Neon Star Swirls

UV/Neon paints glow in a black light

Star Wars Clone Trooper

Darth Vador

Darth Maul

Clone Trooper

Queen Amidala

Jedi Kit Fisto

Carrier Butterfly from Star Wars

Star Wars Ahsoka

Sunning Butterfly

Sunning Butterfly

Triangle Tribal

Arm Tribal


Flower Butterfly Glitter Art

Glitter Art lasts 3 days with care

Dolphin Glitter

Seahorse Glitter Body Art

Neon Orange Hibiscus

Glitter Art is waterproof and great for summer

Neon Blue Flying Dragon Glitter

Up Up and Away

Mandala Glitter Tat

Balloon Hats are fun

Ask about a balloon package upgrade

Clown and Crazy Hair

Send in the Clowns

Fun Tear Drop Clown

Body Painting Abstract Arm Swirls

We can match your clothes

Abstract Arm Swirls

Before the transformation

Transformed to an older African American professor

Pregnant Belly

Pregnant Belly

Pregnant Belly Call for your personal belly painting appointment today!!

Bulldog - accepted to the Snazaroo Facepainting Competition - Using the Mouth 2006

Pink Princess Crown

Kissin' Fish

Purple Mermaid

Painting a Unicorn Mask

Pink Unicorn Mask

Catching a Butterfly

Orange Butterfly

Cheetah Girl Party

Painted Crowns and Necklaces


Auburn Eyes

Simple Tiger

Bulldog on a bald head HONORABLE MENTION WINNER Summer Free for all 2006

Curl and Swirl Princess


Brown Dog

Butterfly Cheekart

Christmas Tree


Glam Girl

Two Face

Halloween Cats and a Tiger



Pink Lizard

Fairy Princess

Cat Mask

Baby Rudolph


Ocean Sunset

Sunset Scene


Winter Wonderland

White Fire Fly

Purple Butterfly

Black Cat - Halloween Free For All 2005 entry

Black Cat - Halloween Free For All 2005 entry

Purple Cat - Halloween Free for All 2005 contest entry

Rainbow Butterfly and Necklace Snazaroo Butterfly photo contest 2009

Flowers on an eye patch - Snazaroo Summer Free for All 2005 contest entry  In September 2006 we painted for their Tribute to Cats production and they have some fabulous photos on their website.  Click on the group Cats photo to see more images from the show.




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